First draft complete, now for a title

Finally, the first draft of my book is finished. I won’t rehash the effort it took to get this far, but the work now weighs in at just over 79,000 words – mostly not very good words. Still, the outline is there even if the quality isn’t. I had a conversation with author Mary Morrissy recently – do check out her novels – and am … Continue reading First draft complete, now for a title

Paris, U2 and us

Here’s a quick summation of our trip to Paris during the week. We stayed in the Pigalle district, which turned out to be better than expected. The area is full of sex shops and other dens of whatever you’re having yourself, but also terrific cafes, bars and restaurants. Day one we arrived in late afternoon, so after a quick drink in a local bar, we … Continue reading Paris, U2 and us

Some good news about my book

Writing doesn’t come easy to most people and I’m no exception. My blogging goes in spurts, sometimes gushing along at a rapid rate every couple of days; other times weeks can go by before I can rouse myself and pen another blog. I’ve been lucky that some of my more successful blogs took just minutes to write, a torrent of words streaming onto this space. … Continue reading Some good news about my book