We all need the company of friends

One big drawback of being unemployed last year was not having my own transport. It meant I was dependent on the bus to meet people, especially as I live in Ballincollig, seven miles from Cork city. Social media is great for maintaining contact with people, and of course you can email or ring people too, but there’s no substitute for talking to people face to … Continue reading We all need the company of friends


Sometimes there are no words

She was young and pretty and so much in love. Fresh from her honeymoon she had so much to look forward to – many years of happiness together with her husband, lots of holidays, perhaps children in time. The kinds of expectations many married women have. Weeks after returning from her honeymoon she became ill. The prognosis was not good, but she fought hard for … Continue reading Sometimes there are no words


It’s all systems go after Lanzarote

I’m in Lanzarote this week, soaking up the… Ok, it’s breezy, wet, cool and there’s not a trace of the sun. The weather forecast isn’t very promising either, but as I sit here on my balcony I can appreciate things could be worse. For a start, I’m here with my darling wife Trish, and my good friend Brendan and his wife Anne. Eating out is … Continue reading It’s all systems go after Lanzarote


The end of an adventure

So that’s it then, my adventure at is over. Nine months after joining the Content Marketing team myself  I was told  my role had been scrapped. I’m proud of my time at the company and sorry that circumstances didn’t allow me to continue. That’s life and I live to fight another day. It was an amazing time, and I learned a great deal about … Continue reading The end of an adventure


Old friends are best. Meet Brendan

I first met Brendan O’Neill in the summer of 1970. I was still a secondary student and had landed a summer job in the Reading Room of the Cork Examiner (now the Irish Examiner). Over the next few months I gravitated towards Brendan, drawn by his quiet demeanor and his interest in writing. He it was who introduced me to Donal Foley’s Man Bites Dog … Continue reading Old friends are best. Meet Brendan