My first blog, the first of many.


I turned 60 last October. To be honest, I dreaded the thought of my 60th and warned the family off organising a birthday party. I had one for my 40th and another for my 50th, but my grey/silver/white hair has been with me for a while and I hope not to be defined by my age anymore.

When a few years ago people began to offer me their seat on the bus or tram (the latter happened in Amsterdam) I’d politely refuse while inwardly cursing their cheek. Now I grab that seat. It sure as hell beats standing on wounded pride.

So no party then, just a realisation that I could either prepare for the grave or get on with living. And that’s what I intend to do. So instead of procrastinating any longer I’m launching this blog. Expect a few moans every now and then. Some posts will be…

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