I turned 60 last October. To be honest, I dreaded the thought of my 60th and warned the family off organising a birthday party. I had one for my 40th and another for my 50th, but my grey/silver/white hair has been with me for a while and I hope not to be defined by my age anymore.

When a few years ago people began to offer me their seat on the bus or tram (the latter happened in Amsterdam) I’d politely refuse while inwardly cursing their cheek. Now I grab that seat. It sure as hell beats standing on wounded pride.

So no party then, just a realisation that I could either prepare for the grave or get on with living. And that’s what I intend to do. So instead of procrastinating any longer I’m launching this blog. Expect a few moans every now and then. Some posts will be about me, and I hope they prove mildly entertaining and sometimes amusing.

I’m not likely to take up bungee jumping any time soon, nor fret about things I’ve missed out on in the last 60 years – I’m just going to maintain some positivity for a change.

I’ve spent many of my teenage years and most of my twenties feeling sorry for myself, not realising that while I couldn’t change the way I looked I could change my attitude and be more positive: once I understood that life got better. A lot better. I married the most amazing woman, Trish, and have two wonderful children, Daire and Sarah Jane. I have good health, can walk without the aid of a stick, can still tie my own shoelaces, and remember where I live.

So here’s to a new chapter in my life. I hope you’ll join me in my journey.