Ok, you may know one of these things, but there are strange coincidences that seem to stalk me throughout my life – especially when it comes to numbers.

For those who love numbers and dates why do the numbers 2 and 22 follow me throughout my life? I confess I didn’t really take much notice of it until I got married. After that the number 22 turned up to ‘haunt’ me.

Read on and tell me what you think.

1.  Born October 2

2.  I made my Confirmation on May 22

3. I joined  the Cork (now Irish) Examiner) on May 22

4.  Parents married on September 22

5.  I married on March 22

6.  Son Daire born April 22

7.  First blog post January 22

8. My best friend’s birthday is October 22

Can anyone beat that?