Hard to believe that just one week ago today I launched Hickey’s World. Yesterday I spoke about the reaction. Next Wednesday you can hear me live on national radio where I will talk about my life coping with facial disfigurement, and why I launched the blog.  More details soon.

The same day the Irish Examiner will run a longer version of the blog that really set the ball rolling.

WordPress provides really good analysis of not alone visitor numbers and views, but also a country-by-country breakdown of those people and that’s one of the things that really blew me away.

Naturally Irish visitors are represented in large numbers, followed by the UK, Australia, Germany and Belgium. Incredibly, over 34 countries in all, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, Russia, Serbia, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Jordan, Hong Kong, Israel and even Panama!

I send the blogs via my Twitter followers, Facebook friends and LinkedIn network, but if you don’t want to read you can just skip past, just like most of us do for the majority of posts.

If I have time I’ll post a selection of your comments (not the private ones) which have really thrilled me and given me the feedback I needed.

Navigating WordPress, writing posts, editing them, posting and switching back and forth between Twitter and Facebook left me almost a physical and emotional wreck at times. I have no blog training, so getting the hang of WordPress was filled with surprises and the occasional shock. WordPress has a funny way of doing things. When someone hits ‘like’ on a post then the blogger gets an email saying “Wow… so and so thinks your post is awesome”. All very encouraging.

Imagine my horror when an email popped in one day to say I had ‘liked’ my own blog and “You’re so vain, you probably think ‘Facial disfigurement: A voyage around my face’ is about you”. Actually, I did, and I may be a lot of things but I’m not vain. Expect me to be a little more careful in future.

My Twitter name is @1tomhickey and you’re free to follow. You can also email me at tomhickey.tom@gmail.com

And thanks for your support. Keep it up!