For about two and a held years after my accident, which occurred in 1956, I was a patient at Cork’s South Infirmary. I have no photographs of the time I stayed there. I know at least one exists because some years ago a woman who recognised me on the street said she had been a student nurse there and had taken a picture, but I mislaid/lost her details so have never seen it.

For a few years I reviewed TV for the then Cork Examiner, and because my picture accompanied the column each Saturday some other women contacted me, one a nun in Kinsale Convent of Mercy, to say they remembered me. Sr Fidelma, who was then attached to the Mercy Hospital in Cork, also surprised me one day to say I had been one of her patients back in the Fifties. Sr Fidelma has died since, and I lost track of the others.

Because my stay in the hospital was so lengthy, and I was also a seriously burned child, perhaps someone, somewhere knows one of those nurses and can help me locate the photo.

There may be others in existence. I would really appreciate any RTs or shares for this request. Many thanks.