Well, that was exciting! Having an article in the Irish Examiner and being interviewed by John Murray on his show made for a nervewracking and exciting morning. Having to get back to work meant responding to the avalanche of texts, Facebook comments, calls, emails, tweets, RTs and DMs pretty tricky so please forgive me if I have been a little slow in replying. I am thrilled to bits by your encouragement, and the over 400 hits on my blog today. Awesome.

I will reply to all comments or emails from anyone who is inhibited in any way by scars or facial disfigurements. I understand the pain it causes, and I will be as supportive as I can. To all of you who help spread the word about the Irish Examiner article and the John Murray appearance you have my gratitude. 

The blog will continue, of course, and I hope you’ll be witnesses to that journey. A book is a while away – so much writing yet! But I am further along that path than I expected and I won’t give up now. I have had a lot of ups and downs, lots of tears and sadness. It seems almost a lifetime away, and yet like yesterday. I am a better person for coming through it all, for finding a wonderful wife and best friend in Trish, and for my lovely children who brighten up each day.

I have plenty to write about, good and bad. I haven’t even scratched the surface.