Most of what I’ve written so far is short and episodic. They are not meant to be definitive, and need major revision. That’s a long way down the road yet. For the moment I’m content to just post as much as I can.

Fortunately, some of what I wrote resonated with you and has generated almost 7,000 hits. Amazing for such a new venture – just 3 weeks. I have quite a lot yet to write, some of which will take a great deal of thought and a lot of patience from readers. They deal with love and rejection, family tragedy, hospitalisation, the aftermath of the accident, interviews with family and professionals. It will take a great deal of work on my part, but I’ve started the journey so I’ll finish it.

So many of you have communicated with me, followed me on Twitter and Facebook, given me encouragement and paid warm tributes to my writing for its honesty and
bravery. Writing should always be honest, and bravery – well it’s taken me a long time to open up as I have.

What has thrilled me mainly have been those who are disfigured or affected in some way by tragedy in their lives. You’re one of the reasons I write and I’m genuinely touched by your candidness. If I can help in any way so much the better.

I met Christine Piff, the founder of Let’s Face It, an organisation for the facially disfigured, in 1992 and I’ve posted an article I wrote back then. We have resumed contact and I’m glad to say she’s very well and Let’s Face It is thriving still. Good for her.

Another post referred to me seeking a nurse who served in the North Infirmary in Cork where I spent over two years as a child following the accident. I have now located her and we are planning to meet shortly. That will be some encounter. And I will write it up for you in the weeks ahead. In the meantime keep reading and thanks.