Ah well, the best laid plans can sometimes go unexpectedly wrong. With the missus away in Amsterdam, I was looking forward to my last night of ‘freedom’ on Saturday. A quick call to check the good lady was enjoying herself that evening and I was about to reach for the phone to order an Indian takeaway when I realised that slight queasiness in my stomach had taken on a life of its own.

I never did eat that chicken tikka masala – which is just as well in the circumstances. Not only that, but I was so sick I couldn’t stomach a meal until last night. I should be back blogging properly next week as soon as I build up enough energy to put a few thoughts together.

One good side effect of my illness is the opportunity it gave me to think about the blog and how effective (or otherwise) it has been. I have made several mistakes, perhaps losing a little focus, but overall I am happy enough with hickeysworld.com. The reaction has been surprising at times – excellent for a few blogs that were given little thought in drafting, and less so for others I put a lot of effort into.

You learn more every day. Still, we’ll drive on. I love writing the blog, and the interaction is delightful. Thanks for your support.

Finally, tomorrow marks two months to the date (January 22) I began my blog. It also marks my 29th wedding anniversary to Trish, my soulmate and best friend. She’s an incredible lady, not just for picking me, but also for guiding me through our life together. I love her to bits, so excuse me while I toddle off to pen her anniversary card.