My sister-law-law Catherine (now sadly deceased) invited my wife Trish and I to a fancy dress party in aid of her local tennis club. The very thought of dressing up in ridiculous outfits is just not me.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t wriggle out of it because Trish really wanted to go. And so, after lots of pleading, and me moaning, I gave in. I have always found it hard to battle my demons and attend social occasions. We’re talking about 15 years or so ago when I was even less happy about meeting people in crowded social settings.

I was absolutely miserable, hating to draw attention to myself at any event, even though family members would be there and others whom I had met before. Trish found me an Indian outfit (I felt like Raging Bull more than Sitting Bull) and off we went to Catherine’s, me still fuming. But Trish…

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