I’ve covered a lot of bases in this blog, so much so that occasionally I feel lost for a theme. In fairness, I have also been pretty busy with other things that have eaten into my free time. But still, every so often when I feel like I should throw a blog out, nothing comes that I haven’t already written about. Not quite true – I just lost my mojo.

The days became weeks and despite my best efforts I simply couldn’t sit and write. I had nothing more to say, or at least that’s what I thought. I tweeted links to old posts to fill the gaps. Sometimes I was lucky in touching a chord with people, other times I was ignored. In fact I have lots to say and I’ll be pouring my thoughts out from this week on. My problem wasn’t finding the right angle or subject matter, rather a lack of motivation because my mind has been elsewhere these past few months, and you’ll discover why in time.

You always find excuses when you can’t deliver posts, but I started this blog to tell you about my life and struggles, and mainly I did it to help others. I can hardly do so if I’m not communicating. I have also been surprised not just by the reaction to my facial disfigurement, but also by those people have understand all to well the depression, isolation and despair I went through and who have contacted me in their droves by email, letters, and on the street. Your encouragement has been astonishing and very welcome.

I have been hugely impressed by a few blog posts elsewhere and an invitation to guest blog on someone else’s site. So, here’s a promise – the blog returns later this week. Thanks for your patience and keep tuning in.