Rows bring out the worst in people

It had been a very pleasant afternoon – a leisurely browse around the shops (we bought nothing), a stop off for coffee, and then we had the bright idea of calling in for a drink and possibly some food. We were in no particular rush and perfectly relaxed in each other’s company. The place was busy and a band was churning out some wonderful Sixties … Continue reading Rows bring out the worst in people

Halloween: Scary monsters, scars and me

Every year it seems the run up to Halloween gets longer, the costumes more extravagant and scarier, the special effects and makeup even more vivid and grotesque. In the search for realism – and no doubt helped by the growing interest in the horror genre in the cinema and on TV (The Walking Dead, for example) – people are now adding ‘scars’ to complement their … Continue reading Halloween: Scary monsters, scars and me

Live your dream

There are certain words and phrases that hold most of us back in life and stop us reaching our full potential. We use them instinctively but often mean the opposite – ‘I’ll do that in a minute’ is one example. Another is ‘I’ll get around to that tomorrow’. Then there are the negatives, such as ‘I can’t’ or ‘it can’t be done’. Of course you … Continue reading Live your dream