imageA small milestone folks – I’ve just clocked up 30,000 hits on the blog. Now, that number may not seem much if you’re a regular blogger used to getting thousands of hits for one post, but for me it’s a significant milestone.

When I set out to write a blog I had no real idea what my boundaries would be, nor how regularly I should write, so the idea that in slightly less than nine months I would amass 30,000 hits, well, it’s a wonderful achievement. Most of my posts are about facial disfigurement, and the ups and downs in my life as I attempted to cope – often unsuccessfully – with whatever life threw at me. It has given me huge satisfaction and whet my appetite to write a book about my life as the blog can only scratch at the surface.

Now facial disfigurement is not the sexiest subject in the world. If I had written a blog about my failed life as a cook and DIY man I might have passed the million hits mark by now, but I didn’t. I enjoy the buzz of writing and the reaction. It’s the engagement with others that makes the blog worthwhile. And I have got to know people I might never have known otherwise, so that’s a major plus.

Ah, that book. I should have started it by now – should have stopped talking and got on my bike. The writing study is ready, the raw material of the blog all set up just waiting for me to switch my laptop on and get moving. I have been held back by other issues going on in the background which I can’t talk about yet, but while it’s a huge factor in my hesitation, really, there’s no excuse for not making a start.

Meanwhile, I’ve also fallen behind in writing blog posts, and I can’t blame anyone but myself. It’s not as if I haven’t plenty of topics to write about – I have at least 11 in draft form – the days roll by and I keep deferring action. I really must do better if I ever hope to reach 40,000, never mind 50,000. I just need to push myself.