Top 5 blogs I wrote this year

Writing a blog since January has been a revelation. It took me 60 years to finally start writing about my life, but not all posts have been as wonderfully received as others. That’s part of the fun – and pain – of blogging. Nevertheless, I persevered even when at times I felt the blog was barely registering a ripple of interest. Others, that took less … Continue reading Top 5 blogs I wrote this year

My son died 25 years ago today

Today is the toughest day of the year, made especially so as this is the 25th anniversary of our son Alan’s death on December 23, 1989. He never got to know his granddad, Paddy McKeown, whose anniversary occurred on December 8. But his other grandfather, whose seventh anniversary falls on January 1, knew Alan like he was his own son. Yeah, Pat Hickey loved the … Continue reading My son died 25 years ago today

Misatkes can be hard to spot

I make my living editing news reports. It’s a constant battle to catch spelling and fact errors, remove the occasional libel, plus ensure the stories flow fluently. It demands vigilance, accuracy and speed. Working in a newspaper means we usually have to write or edit captions and come up with sharp headlines, always with an eye on the tone of the story. We make mistakes, … Continue reading Misatkes can be hard to spot

The Christmas Santa passed me by

I wrote in my last blog about a friend’s daughter going to hospital for an operation just before Christmas. It reminded me of the one and only time I remember spending Christmas there myself. I’m not sure how old I was, but I’m guessing it was in Dr Steevens Hospital in Dublin rather than the South Infirmary in Cork. This would have been around the … Continue reading The Christmas Santa passed me by