Checkmated? Not me

One of my great regrets over the past few years was my self-enforced withdrawal from chess. Shift work militated against me playing on Friday nights when Cork Chess Club meets, but I always hoped to return when the opportunity presented itself. Now that I’m gone from the Irish Examiner and shift work is no longer an impediment, I returned to the club last night – the … Continue reading Checkmated? Not me

It’s raining but I’m feeling good

Today I collected Jobseekers Benefit for the first time. How did I feel? A bit embarrassed and somewhat awkward for the time I joined the queue at the Post Office, because they know me there. I wasn’t there to buy stamps, or post a parcel – this was me collecting what used to be called ‘the dole’. After four decades-plus of working, and for the … Continue reading It’s raining but I’m feeling good