No, the above is not the title of my book, but it does signal that after years of half starts, procrastination and less than enthusiastic efforts on my part the journey has finally begun.

Where it take me, well time will tell. I have wanted to write the book for so long, and as I said before the blog is part of the process in motivating me. So many of you have been very encouraging, asking that I write my story. I have listened to my own family’s pleadings too, and now there is no going back. Redundancy has given me the time and space to embark on writing.

I had a working title in my head for some years, but when I told a few members of the family what it was  they recoiled in horror. Enough said: the title was kicked into the stratosphere, so that will never see the light of day. Ah well, you can’t please everyone.

Writing will demand a discipline I have been lacking up to now, and a focus I have been working on for some time. While the book will be based in part on this blog, there is a lot more depth in terms of background information. Plus, I have been holding back on certain elements of my story for the very good reason that I wanted to keep it for the book. Quite right.

I haven’t quite figured out whether I need an agent, or whether I should self-publish. That’s hardly a concern right now given the words need to be written first. Best to have a few chapters under the belt before I get notions about myself. Besides, it might be complete rubbish! I certainly hope not.

I’m still working on the title, but on that particular score there is no need for haste. The study is ready, I have conducted some interviews, notes have been prepared, the outline sketched. My study is laid out and ready for use. All I need to do now is sit down and start pushing a few keys. Sounds easy, but I fear the journey will be a rough one.