Well, well, how time flies. On this day one year ago I wrote a blog about being 60 and launching my own blog. Over 100 blog posts later here I am, a year older, and a hell of a lot wiser.

When I began I saw it as an adventure, a medium to tell you a little about myself awriting,nd my world, not realising that within a week a blog I wrote about my facial disfigurement would change my thinking. I guess the confidence I gained from the reception the blogs received have propelled me into areas I perhaps I had been thinking about for years, but had never had the courage to explore. Which is why finally getting around the starting my book is such a joy. Had I not got off my backside and written that first blog I might still be as reluctant as ever to start writing.

It’s always a big thrill when people reach out after I have written a post that resonates with them. With 36,000-plus hits from 110 countries it shows the power of a blog. Of course I will be more determined to expand that reach and to blog more. Expect me to build on that audience in the coming months. For the curious, my top 10 country audiences are Ireland, Britain, US, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Belgium, France, Italy.

Through trial and error I discovered which posts work and which don’t, so I expect to put that to my advantage. In the meantime, many thanks for joining me on my journey and for taking the time to interact. Now, about my next blog….