David Carr’s spirit of generosity

I was awoken by a text from a friend to tell me the shocking news that New York Times columnist David Carr had died. Hard to believe such a wonderful journalist and generous character is gone from the media landscape.

I wrote about Carr before because I have a tenuous connection with him. No, I never met him, although I did get to hear him speak at the Web Summit in Dublin last November when he chaired a discussion on the opening day. As some of you know, my son Daire is a co-founder of the Web Summit, and had coaxed Carr to speak at one of their events in New York before encouraging him to come to the main stage in Dublin two years ago. Carr enjoyed the experience so much he came back in 2014.

I wrote before about how Carr’s memoir The Night of the Gun has helped shape my own efforts to write my story. When Daire at one of their earlier meetings asked him if he would sign a copy of his book for me, Carr volunteered one of his own hardbacks and signed it. What he wrote went beyond the usual. I’m flattered beyond words, but I’ll treasure the book like no other. Thanks David.

David Carr RIP.




4 thoughts on “David Carr’s spirit of generosity

  1. That is pretty darn cool, Tom. I’m not usually a huge fan of the outpouring of public grief after celebrity deaths, but it seems that Carr touched people in an effective way through his writing. A lovely memento to have.

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