The Regional Park in Ballincollig is a great place to walk
The Regional Park in Ballincollig is a great place to walk

One of the great lessons I learned was to stop worrying about tomorrow and just get through today. Like all lessons, this one took more time to percolate through to my addled mind than necessary – but better late than never.

You see, I was often so concerned about tomorrow. I lived my life in the future and not the present. There is no tomorrow, only today. Sounds silly until you really think about it. For example, we put off doing things when we should start now. We would say this to others and not practice it ourselves.

One day at a time is the mantra for Alcoholics Anyonymous, but can be applied to the rest of us. It also means not putting off until tomorrow what you should do today. And that applies to this blog which, apart from an occasional one in the past few months, I have tended to avoid. No more. Expect lots of them in the days and months ahead.

I promised myself that as soon as the weather picked up I’d take my lazy ass out walking. And with a glorious Easter weekend there was no excuse. After a hectic few days involving trips to Dublin and Dundalk, and back home again for my niece Gillian’s birthday party on Sunday, Trish and I headed to West Cork on Monday and lunch sitting in the sun in beautiful Glengarriff. A stop-off in Kenmare as we took the long route home completed a wonderful day.

Ah, you ask, but where’s that walking you promised? Well, on Tuesday Trish was back at work so I headed down to Ballincollig’s splendid Regional Park where hundreds of families, bikers, skaters and walkers took advantage of the fine weather. I used to be a great walker, but you become a slave to the car. Ninety minutes later I felt exhausted but happy, and determined to enjoy what hopefully will be a long spring/summer. Another walk today, this time down to the town centre, and I was feeling even better.

So, here’s to enjoying today and tomorrow will take care of itself.