So, that old MacBook Pro of mine has finally bit the dust. It started acting up some weeks ago, but instead of taking precautions – such as backing up the book I had started – I ploughed on regardless until the computer seized up entirely.

i took it to the computer doc today and the diagnosis was terminal – at least for my pocket. Frankly, the cost of replacing it is simply too high given that the machine is about five years old, so now I’ll have to look at a replacement. Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t stretch to a  new MacBook, so a cheap PC is my only alternative. I’ll have to weigh up the pros and cons for a few days before making a final decision.

Then there’s the matter of retrieving the book contents. That seems a very unlikely prospect so I’m putting my loss down to experience. We’re talking about 20,000-plus words.

However, given that I have a lot of notes on file rewriting should be a fairly easy affair – after all, I have loads of time. In the past few weeks I have been writing away on my iPad, putting bits and pieces  into an email folder, so there is plenty to keep me going. Oh well. I’m being as philosophical as I can about what is a disaster. No point in wasting time frustrated over my loss. Next time I’ll use a memory stick!