The book project went kaput some time back when my computer crashed and burned – in a manner of speaking. What to do?

Was I deterred? Not really. Most of what I had written was based on notes I had already compiled, so it was just a question of buying a new computer, sitting at the desk and starting again. Simple.

So, today was that day and I pushed out just over 4,000 words. I’m happy enough with my efforts and have a rough plan for a proper writing schedule. Tomorrow won’t be quite so productive as I have to be elsewhere during the day, but there’s no reason I can’t write another 1,000-2,000 words. My target for week 1 is 9,000-10,000 words. Optimistic? Yes. I’m in the writing groove at the moment, so as long as that continues then I should get there.

I hope to have a first draft complete by Christmas, February at the latest, but I would love to have it out of the way by then. No point in worrying about correcting and revising at this stage. For those of you curious about whether or not I have a publisher lined up, the answer is no. I’m far more interested in getting my thoughts down on paper first and then I’ll worry about the mechanics of publishing.

I’m also back blogging and enjoying the really encouraging response. Last month saw my best day for hits at and the best month, so thanks to all of you who paid a visit. Hopefully I’ll break those records again and again in the future.