You know that feeling. You find a comfortable spot on your seat, switch on the computer, fingers poised over the keyboard, waiting for those words to come into your head and transfer themselves to your fingers, but nothing happens. Zilch. The more you stare at the screen the more you realise that perhaps this isn’t the right time or day.

Well that didn’t happen this week. I sat down and hit the keys and those words came tumbling out. Not just one, but tens and then hundreds. I started around 10am last Tuesday, and taking regular breaks I managed 3,000 words. Thrilled with myself, I got up the next morning and hoped to find the same rich vein. By that afternoon I had added another 4,000. It didn’t stop there. Thursday and Friday I worked hard, pushing myself until I now have 19,001 words of that book I always promised myself I would write.

I’m a little taken aback by how easy those pages were to type, although they remain just part of an unfinished first draft. Of course I may hit that writing wall one of these days, but at least I have made a better start than I expected. There is a long way to go, and undoubtedly there may be setbacks, but for me this is a really encouraging beginning.

I can’t count the number of times I began and abandoned writing the book. I put too many obstacles in the way of those earlier efforts, while my more recent attempt was swallowed up when my
last computer crashed. You live and learn. This one is being backed up not once but twice! I won’t make the same mistake again.

Thanks for all your encouraging messages during the past week. Each one means a lot. Stay tuned for more updates. Some people have asked what the book is about. Well, it’s the story of my life, the accident that left me with a facial disfigurement and how I struggled for many years to live a normal balanced life and find happiness. It’s a very personal, very difficult and intrusive piece of writing.

I have been very candid in my blogs, but this will be much more revealing and honest. There is so much to say, many things I have been holding back on. It will become more uncomfortable as I delve deeper.