A message on Twitter from Deirdre Walsh came around midnight over the weekend asking if I would go on her Radio Kerry show, Talkabout, to discuss my blog. I’ve exchanged Twitter banter with Deirdre for a while, so I had no problem acceding to the request. Any chance to promote the blog is always welcome, and especially as it would also give me the opportunity to talk about facial disfigurement.

So there I was this morning taking notes and preparing for the interview, trying to distill my thoughts into a few succinct points. it sounds easy, but the trick with radio is not forgetting where you are in an interview and failing to say what you intended to say.

Deirdre is a good interviewer, and it was wonderful to be part of her show. Now if only I could curtail my habit of wandering a little from the point and realising that unlike a normal conversation you have with friends, you are on limited time with radio and you can’t hog the airwaves. Even worse is when your mind drifts and you find yourself in a kind of out-of-body-experience listening to yourself and losing your train of thought.

It’s hard work being interviewed, and despite my spate of them this year I’m still on a learning curve. I especially admire those who seem to have a natural flair for radio. I’m not talking about the presenters. No, it’s just ordinary folk who suddenly find themselves thrust before the microphone and speak with an eloquence, authority and fluency I struggle to find.

Still, Deirdre and I covered a few points, from my accident to the blog itself, a quick chat about the last one on Neil Steinberg’s piece on the same subject, and even a plug for the blog and my upcoming book.

It’s another interview under my belt, one more experience to draw on, and in truth it went better than most. I won’t be challenging the likes of Sean O’Rourke or Joe Duffy anytime soon, but I’m happy enough with my progress.

After a lull for a fabulous trip to our daughter in France, and a natural reaction to it last week, it’s full steam ahead with the book. I just passed 30,000 words, so here’s hoping we’ll get a lot further by the end of July.

Oh, and inspired by Neil Stenberg’s daily blogging – to a very high standard it should be said – I’ll try to emulate his blog at http://www.everygoddamnday.com Not sure I’ll ever post one a day, but we’ll try a few every week from now on.