Well, I met the great Matt Cooper at last! An opportunity to talk about the blog and speak about facial disfigurement is never passed up, so when it was suggested I go into The Last Word studio and talk to Matt face-to-face I embraced it, after initially saying no. Thanks to Trish who persuaded me to make the journey to Dublin.

I took the bus up, finding myself among a swarm of young women heading to Dublin. Turns out seven bus loads of Ed Sheeran fans were making the trek to see him. The poor girl I sat next to looked a little shaken when I took the only available seat next to her and we didn’t speak until we reached Dublin. That’s when I found out these girls were off to see Ed Sheeran. Which may have explained some of the looks I got. They must have thought me an old weirdo Sheeran fan!

I wasn’t waiting long once I reached Today FM’s offices before being shepherded into Matt’s studio, where he shook my hand, welcomed me and then we were live. The interview flowed quite well and I was more relaxed than usual, only stumbling once or twice. Just when I was settling it was all over, such is the nature of radio. There was so much I had wanted to say, but never got around to, but what can you do except seize every moment to do interviews and blog away.

I had wanted to say how I had turned my life around, what I would say to others who were dealing with facial disfigurement, and how despite my experience I had eventually met a lovely girl who wanted to spend the rest of her life with me. Such is life and we move on to the next adventure.

Once outside on the street I switched on my phone and responded to the good wishes on Twitter and Facebook. It is always great to receive encouragement and support from strangers who enjoyed the interview. It also helped that there was a big spike in the numbers reading the blog. Thanks to everyone for that.

I was standing at the bus stop when a guy came right up next to met and stared right at me as if I was some kind of object. This happens rarely, but I was too busy playing with my phone to care. I just kept on tweeting and eventually he must have seen enough and moved on. Now to enjoy the weekend in Dublin.