Catching up with an old friend

Donal Sheehy and I catch up on old times
Donal Sheehy and I catch up on old times

One of my blog’s biggest fans is Donal Sheehy. Donal and I connected on Facebook a few years ago, which is just as well as I had lost contact with him decades ago. We were neighbours for a while, but never quite became good friends. We moved in different circles, as they say, even though we lived just a few houses apart.

Anyway, he lives in Australia now, firing barbs at me every time I post something on WordPress. He even had the temerity to correct my blog post recently. Unfortunately he was right!

Of course I told him to call on me whenever he stepped back to this side of the world. Which he did the week before last. I popped in to say hello a couple of days later and we arranged to meet again and have a chat.

Donal has a mischievous side, so when he suggested we go for afternoon tea I wasn’t sure if he was serious, but here’s the evidence as we tucked into a gorgeous concoction at Oriel House Hotel in Ballincollig. Too bad Donal is a vegetarian though because he could only eat a scone and some pastries, which meant more for me.


Hard to believe it was 40 years since we last met but our conversation was very relaxed. In fact, back in the day I doubt we talked with such ease. Donal is just a year and a bit older than me and in our then new estate he was a minor God, full of wisdom about girls – as I discovered that was in my imagination!! We sent for a second pot of tea and finished off with a round of coffee before I took him home to meet my wife Trish.

Donal and I have changed a lot over the years, but I’m glad to see he still has a devilish sense of humour. Great to meet him and catch up on old times. I have no doubt he’s scanning this post to see if there are any mistakes and will fire off a pithy comment pretty soon. My only consolation is that he paid for the afternoon tea!


9 thoughts on “Catching up with an old friend

  1. Hi Tom, such a long time since we caught up…apart from our recent email communication last week after around 40 years. Donal Sheehy and Tom Ahearn introduced me to lots of music in the late 60s and early 70s. I went to my first concert ever in 1968 in Cork, the Bee Gees in the Savoy 1968…Marmalade was one of the supporting groups and the other was a showband from Cork….forget the name. Donal had organised the tickets. He also inspired my collection of LPs…….Ursala’s record shop, near the GPO on Oliver Plunkett St., was hugely important. I had a huge collection of music at the time, much to my mother’s surprise…and we only had a mono record player at that stage………….and I had no money. Another story. Let’s chat later.


    1. Imagine that ?… Thomas Dwyer re emerges from the shadows ….Your name was mentioned just over a week ago Tommy ……..Tom was curious about your recent history ( recent = 30 or 40 years ) and I had no answer for him……A few years ago I had asked Thomas Aherne if he had any idea about your movements ?..” no ” was the reply ……So we delegated you to ownership of a mansion in Rochestown and a happy ever after lifestyle until further news arrived of your life . Lucky for you Tommy I have a strong memory of that Bee Gees concert…..They were supported by ( I’ll just catch my breath before I try this in one gasp ) Dave Dee , Dozy , Beaky , Mick and Tich – I’m sure you now remember Dave Dee snapping the whip for The Legend Of Xanadu – The other “showband” (nope) was the recent chart entry group called Grapefruit Their single Dear Delilah made it in to the top 30 before they disappeared without an after taste . They were from The Beatles stable of artistes “:O)….More memories will come flooding back to you if you are reading this Tommy :O)……All three of us received a post card of Grapefruit after the show …In an effort to fool our classmates the following day that we met the members of Grapefruit I signed our cards with the Sweetham brothers signatures …..Our cover was blown almost immediately as I had miss remembered their spelling ……This type of forgery has become my forte in recent decades :O(.)……I’m glad to see that you are alive and well and hope that info helps your memory banks on their way forward

      With a bit of luck I might have the good fortune to bump in to you sometime for a chat

      G’day from OZ

      Donal Sheehy

  2. Hi Tom,
    How are things?
    Believe it or not, but I was also at that Bee Gees concert in the Savoy. The cheapest tickets were 10 shillings and sixpence (half a guinea).
    The other group was Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich. Marmalade were not there (OblaDee). The final group were known as Grapefruit. Saw the Bee Gees in the RDS in the late 90s – One Night Only.
    I feel so old.

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