Wow! I did not expect this! Hickey’s World was longlisted in the Health and Wellbeing Blog category last week by Blog Awards Ireland. I was elated…..but now I’m slightly more overjoyed as the blog has just been shortlisted. Yep, this little old blog of mine on the not very sexy subject of facial disfigurement has made it down to the last few in my category.

Ok, I’m not kidding, I was on tenterhooks for most of the day, checking my emails, the #bloggies2015 hashtag on Twitter, watching as everyone else up for the short list agonised. I would have chewed my nails had I not wisely clipped them earlier!

Heck, this calls for a cigar. Maybe two. I love the engagement you get from blogging: the feedback from people who connect with my writing. I am happy to put my life story out there, knowing that even if it resonates with just a few then that’s vindication for all the effort I put in.

I said I was thrilled just to be longlisted, but the short list is something else. I am so lucky to have made many new friends via the blog, and the radio and TV interviews they have sparked. It has been a hell of a journey in the short space of time since I launched the blog.

I am especially grateful to everyone who has shared the blog among family and friends. Without you my audience would be a lot smaller. But I will need your vote for the next phase of the awards which is open to the public. That’s where you come in. I will let you know when it’s time. For the moment thanks again.