I need your vote for my blog!


I need your vote! Hickey’s World has been shortlisted in the Health and Wellbeing category of the Blog Ireland Awards. Click on this link   and it will open up a window for the Health and Wellbeing category. Skip down to Hickey’s World, click on it, add your  name and email,  then hit the button at the bottom.  Done! It will ensure my blog has another vote in its quest to win.

I’m up against formidable opposition, so I need all the support I can muster. I want you to get hold of your wives, husbands, partners, mistresses, grannies and whoever to cast their ballot. And they need to ask their friends at home and abroad to back me. Seriously! All it takes is for them to go on the blog, click that lovely coloured button and I have a chance.

The voting window is open for two weeks, but don’t put it off until tomorrow – do it NOW! And every single vote matters. I have put a lot of effort into writing the blog, opening up about my life and my experiences living with facial disfigurement. It’s been hard, really hard, so make my efforts count by casting your vote. Every little helps.

Whether you’re on a sun holiday in the Canaries or Florida; on honeymoon in Mauritius; or on a cruise in the Mediterranean – I need you to help me out! Please tell everyone you know – extended family and friends – that I need their support.


6 thoughts on “I need your vote for my blog!

  1. I couldn’t find the link either but knew I had to vote! Just used your link in comments. Please send the link out again. Good luck with the Awards. Sarah

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