Some time ago I was asked if I would write a piece for a collection of thoughts on the subject of Mahatma Gandhi’s question: “How can I be the change that will make a difference in the world?”

I agreed, wrote the piece and forgot all about it until the other day when I got an email to tell me the book has finally seen daylight.

Now the collection has been published as a book called Be the Change, and proceeds will go to the HOPE Foundation who work to save the street and slum children of Kalkota from abuse and poverty.

My contribution is a modest one, and in fact it’s just one of over 40 contributions from the likes of broadcaster Myles Dungan, Tanaiste Joan Burton and writers Mary Malone and Kate Kerrigan; politicians Sean Barrett, Mattie McGrath, Kathleen Lynch; plus people like John Evoy, founder of the Irish Men’s Sheds Association. All approach the theme in different ways, so there is plenty of food for thought in the pages.

Reflecting on the theme since, I realise every one of us can be a force for change. Yes, you too. You don’t have to be an Obama or Bono, or whatever to do your bit. You can make a difference. Just don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today.

Anyway, the book is inspiring and the proceeds are going to a worthy cause, so order your copy now on Amazon in either book format or simply download. Copies will be available in shops from next month.