I’m busy curating the @ireland Twitter account this week, so precious little free time. In fact I’ve been so busy travelling here and there (we’re off to London next week) that I barely have time for anything else. Also, I needed to put the blog to one side to organise my affairs.

Being asked to curate the @ireland account is a great opportunity to engage with a largely different audience than follow me on Twitter. And if I want to advocate on behalf of those with facial disfigurement then I need to not only embrace each opportunity, but also use it as effectively as possible.

I hadn’t realised how exhausting the process would be, especially mentally. It left no room even to read a paper (by the way, what’s going on in the world?) or check out other blogs, but I’ll talk about it in more detail next week as I’m on day 4 of the 7 days. In the meantime, do check out the account and say hello. Plus I’m open to questions so feel free to ask.

In my preparation I came across some interesting data on the subject of facial disfigurement and it has given me food for thought for a couple of future blogs.

I’ll also be on the Morning Show on Clare FM around 10.20 tomorrow talking about issues I raised during my curation of @ireland and have also received a few invitations to a conference and also a speaking engagement, so that should certainly keep me occupied. Sorry for such a big gap in blogging. Time slipped by so quickly. The only consolation is that traffic to the blog has been very good since I started tweeting!

Finally, the Katie Piper Foundation and Katie Piper have been especially good to me and I’m so glad they are setting up an online peer forum for people with burns and trauma scarring who can engage with each other, talk about their issues and encourage one another. That’s a really positive development.

A piece I wrote for them will be among articles published on their website during their current fundraising campaign. There’s an icon on the right of my blog with a link to the fundraising campaign and I hope you will make a financial contribution, even a modest one.