A new year and a new beginning. There’s no point in making some resolutions for the 12 months ahead because I’ll never keep them. Instead there are some goals I have set myself.

Finish that book: I have made a decent start, but whatever stopped me before has done so again. I’m my own worst enemy, constantly doing anything to avoid writing about my life.

Blog more:  There are too many weeks between blogs, too many times when I blog almost daily and then leave weeks before the next one.

Find work:  I need work of some kind during the year, and since writing gigs are hard to get, and editing impossible, I will look elsewhere if I have to.

Read more:  I have rediscovered my love of books, and yesterday I finished my first of 2016, Patti Smith’s Just Kids.

Stay connected:  I’m not the best at staying in touch with people. It’s not laziness, more a shyness really. It’s a throwback to the time when I kept mostly to myself, but it’s difficult to surmount. The strange thing is that I love meeting and talking to people, but am slow enough to pick up a phone to chat. Must do more on that front.

Pay attention: I often only half hear what people are saying to me, especially at home, usually because I have my head buried in my iPad or my mind has drifted elsewhere. Five minutes later I’ll ask about the subject they have just told me about. Yikes!

Learn to cook: I know, I know – this is something I should have learned last year. It’s not as if I have to be a Jamie Oliver, just learn the basics. I can just hear Trish saying ‘Hallelujah’ in the background!

Lose weight: I freely admit I weigh too much and exercise too little. I eat the wrong foods and in too high quantities. I have no major health issues – yet – but it really is time to act. If I could lose a few kilos or more I’d be a happier man.

Cut down on cigars:  I love cigars and could chomp away all day. I can give them up for several months, then I’m back. Yes, I know smoking is bad for you, but it’s a habit, and one I enjoy. But it’s expensive and money isn’t as plentiful nowadays, so my hope is not to give them up but to cut back to the occasional few. On the other hand, I have been promised some nice Cuban cigars by various people so I can hardly insult them by saying no.

Be a better person:  This year I will listen more, be more considerate, compassionate and understanding.

None of the above is impossible, but at the same time they demand more commitment by me. I hope I won’t be back here at the end of the year reporting on my failures!