My son Daire and I have a pretty close relationship, but when it comes to one thing the friendliness disappears. So what has come between us? Twitter actually, and in particular our Twitter following.

A few years ago I had double the number of followers compared to him thanks to my constant tweeting. At first I basked in the glory of knowing I was – at last – ahead of him at something. The arrival of my blog and the large growth in my following following the posting of several well received blogs lulled me into a false sense of security, until this year when I spotted the gap was not more than 1,000-plus.

Daire’s growing profile and my less than frequent engagement with social media didn’t help. While I stagnated his following grew, so much so that I feared the brat might overtake me. Never!

A flurry of radio interviews during the year help keep me ahead by just under 1,000, but then the dam burst. He always gets a boost during the Web Summit, but last year Sharon Ní Bheoláin’s interview with Daire on the SixOne News created a rumpus, and boosted his follower count by 700.

Seething, I picked up a couple of hundred myself while curating the @ireland Twitter account in November, but he did a Colin McGregor on me by being listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list yesterday. Grrrrrr! Naturally he has accumulated more followers and the gap between us is just over 230, but declining rapidly. Life sucks sometimes.

I’d love to say I have a cunning plan to woo more followers, but I don’t. Oh well. I’ll either have to be interviewed by Sharon herself or win fame somewhere to try and stay ahead. It looks like being a miserable year on the Twitter front.