Back working and ready for the challenge

Sometimes life can surprise you. Last weekend I was unemployed, but this week I’m back at work, only not in the newspaper world. What an amazing start to the new year.

Last weekend Trish and I had a beautiful few days away in Killarney. I had an interview on Tuesday and last Thursday I joined, an expanding project management software company. It’s an opportunity to use my writing skills and try something far removed from my previous role. I loved working in the Irish Examiner, but that’s the past and is the future for me. I’m up for the challenge and excited to be back at work after a year-long absence.

The first couple of days settling in were great. There’s a wonderful enthusiastic crew at my new company and I’m looking forward to the future. It means some major adjustments to the way I have been living for the past year.  I had to brave the black ice on Friday morning and ended up with a badly bruised arm when I slipped on the footpath on my way to the bus. Not exactly the ideal start. In my unemployed days I would have waited for the ice to melt before venturing out. Not any more.

I did think that finding a job at this stage in my life would be virtually impossible, so fair play to and co-founder Peter Coppinger for dispelling that notion, and giving me a chance. How many other firms would do so?

Unfortunately, my changed circumstances meant I had to decline an invitation to two memoir-writing workshops run by author Lia Mills. At least I had a good excuse! Another time perhaps. The hectic past week also put a halt to blogging, but you can’t have everything. At least today’s blog puts that break in context.

Anyway, wish me luck in my new job.






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