Would you ever shut up, Tom

Apparently I talk a lot, more than is healthy for anyone within a few yards of me. I never really noticed that I might be causing any problems or distress (!) for anyone until some months ago when my sister-in-law Margaret (pictured above with Trish and myself) stayed for a few days while Trish was in hospital.

Apparently I was rabbiting on too much for Margaret’s liking, so when Trish said that Margaret had pointed it out, I was just a mite upset.

Well, I decided the best thing was to take action. So that evening after visiting poor Trish I arrived back home and bombarded Margaret with a bout of silence. Not a word issued from my lips.

Eventually, she commented about why I was so quiet!! So I told her. In fairness, she saw the funny side, but the whole thing did make me reflect a little, and she’s right. I probably do chat too much.

I suppose some people would say I talk a lot of tripe anyway, but the truth is it goes back to when I found it difficult to connect with girls. I used to think that if I stopped talking I might never say another word, so I prattled on and on. God knows why I did since most of what I said was probably nonsense.

The first time I met my wife Trish I was afraid to stop talking so I droned on and on, pouring out my life story and barely giving her a chance to get a word in. I’m sure many of my former Irish Examiner colleagues think most of what I said was rubbish anyway, but you can’t please everyone.

I can’t help myself. You see, my mother – coincidentally called Margaret –  is a great talker. She’d talk for Ireland, and when I meet up with her the words pour in torrents from her mouth: opinions on the election aftermath;  the unfairness of the taxation system on her, a poor widow; the weather; my weight. She has a view on everything, and it takes a lot of willpower not to interject too much, because she is my mother, after all.

I’m sure they were offering novenas up when I left my last job, and the silence must have been deafening when I walked out the door. Now I’m in an office with two women who are just finding out that I chat a lot. This should be fun!




2 thoughts on “Would you ever shut up, Tom

  1. Hi Tom,
    I just watched you interview with emily on the ray darcy show. I myself got burned in a house as a child with my mother who risked her life to save my sister.I got my two arms, forehead and top of scalp burnt. My mam got both arms and legs and face burned. I have never known to look any different to what i am now. So if people stare i just carry on as if they are looking at something behind.
    All the best

    mary monaghan

    1. Sorry to hear about you and your mum’s accident. It’s great that you have learned to deal with it because so many haven’t. Thanks so much for getting in touch.

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