If you haven’t checked out the new look Changing Faces then you should. Apart from a refreshed look, it also presents facially disfigured people in a positive way – happy images with powerful words we all want to hear.

It’s about empowering us to take control of our lives and not be defeated by fear, the staring from others who should know better, and the abuse that sometimes comes our way. Why should we feel marginalised because of the way we look? There are no limits except those we put on ourselves.

For many years Changing Faces has been campaigning on issues that affect the facially disfigured, whether it’s insensitive media portrayals, discrimation in jobs, or poor education in understanding our concerns.

It is helping to tackle issues some might not have otherwise been aware of – think of how often film villains are scarred or disfigured, for example? This portrayal only reinforces stereotypes about us, and sending a message to society that we are somehow dangerous because we look different.

Changing Faces, under the guidance of CEO James Partridge, has been a trailblazer in improving the lot of the facially disfigured. It has taken an active role in creating guidelines for how the media should represent us and the language they should avoid when they talk about us. It’s no exaggeration to say that Changing Faces is making a big difference.

It has championed the cause of those who have been discriminated against, runs skin camouflage centres, operates information and guidance for teachers and health professions who interact with us –  the list is extensive.

Changing Faces views the facially disfigured as people first. It emphasises the positive not the negative, and gives a voice to many who may have felt alone or marginalised. Long may it thrive.

Changing Faces isn’t the only organisation in Britain (there are none in Ireland), so let’s acknowledge the great work being done by the Katie Piper Foundation and Lets  Face It, founded by Katie Piper and Christine Piff, respectively.

Changing Faces can also be found at:

Twitter:      @FaceEquality

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChangingFacesUK