The end of an adventure

So that’s it then, my adventure at is over. Nine months after joining the Content Marketing team myself  I was told  my role had been scrapped.

I’m proud of my time at the company and sorry that circumstances didn’t allow me to continue. That’s life and I live to fight another day. It was an amazing time, and I learned a great deal about the job, startups and myself.

Accepting the award for Best Corporate Marketing & Communications Blog at the LWI Blog Ireland Awards was a fantastic moment.

Coming from a long newspaper background I was stepping outside my comfort zone, but the day you stop learning is the day you stagnate. You have to trust yourself and make the effort.

2016 has certainly been a rollercoaster year, and I’ve just celebrated my 63rd birthday, but I am about to step on a plane and take a planned holiday with my beloved wife Trish, my greatest supporter. Not having a job to come back to wasn’t planned, but I’m a great survivor.

I’m not sure what the future holds, but I’ll deal with that in a week’s time. One thing I will do is resume blogging, something I have neglected for too long. So, chin up, I’ll talk to you all soon.


13 thoughts on “The end of an adventure

  1. Sorry to hear that Tom but you’re philosophical about it and some things happen for a reason. There is something else there for you and there is always your blog. Bon chance mon ami! Paul

  2. Tom, sorry to hear about being laid off. enjoy your holiday. Everything has a reason, though the reason is hidden and will be revealed later. Live the moment. Chris

  3. Wow that’s a surprise, Tom. I was just about to email you as I read about you and after your years as a sub-editor etc, and saw a parallel in our experiences. I wanted some career advice! I am 59, and two years ago took voluntary redundancy from the Irish Times, where I was a sub-editor for 15 years. I am a house daddy and have been writing mostly fiction and an occasional blog, I really need to get the cash flow going again — working from home if possible — but have found getting features published an incredibly difficult slog. I have been evaluating how to put my sub-editing/writing skills to new use and your experiences at had sparked my interest. I have been thinking of copy writing, research, editing … anything that uses the broad range of skills acquired over my career.

    1. Hi there! Always look on the positives. Even though my experience only lasted 9 months, it gave me a belief that I had skills people wanted. I guess the fact that I had been a sub-editor rather than a reporter kept me in check for a time, but I can see that was wrong. There are lots of people who can’t write – really, they can hardly string a sentence together. Even if they do, grammar and spellings let them down. So keep pushing to find that work. There are always people looking for your talents.

      1. But where? I keep hearing that Tom, but they are hard to find — or at least I am finding it hard to locate them. Maybe it’s because I haven’t focused on one specific area, or my range isn’t wide enough! I have been trying but little joy so far. Good luck with your own next chapter

  4. Lots of companies are looking for content marketers. Most are in the Dublin region, which is bad luck for me. Some allow people to work freelance, so maybe starting there is a good option.

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