What do you do with your day when you no longer have the routine of getting up for work? I’m glad you asked!

Between a trip to Lanzarote and a scamper to Lisbon, my days have filled up since I left Teamwork.com last month. Of course they haven’t filled every day, and that’s a lot of time. So far I have had to make three trips into the Intreo (Jobs) Centre in Cork city. Having my own car this time means I don’t need to catch the bus, although my second trip left me with a €40 parking ticket. Don’t say anything – I feel bad enough as it is.

It’s left me time to read a bit more, so first off was Paul O’Connell’s The Battle, which is strong on his rugby career and the psychology of the game. I have always been impressed by O’Connell, but never realised the depth of his inner turmoil when preparing for a game. Right now, I’m wading through Sebastian Barry’s Days Without End, I’ll reserve judgement until later.

I’ve also rediscovered the delights of Netflix, so Trish and I are loving The Crown. I could have done without John Lithgow’s weird performance as Churchill, but otherwise it’s enjoyable. I watched season one of Breaking Bad last year, so need to finish that. And I haven’t finished the current season of House of Cards – the plots in that are definitely tame when you consider what’s coming up with the new Trump administration in the US.

I’m also exploring some paid writing opportunities, but it’s early days yet. I’ve just restarted blogging in earnest, and I’ll definitely work on those.

And then there’s the book, which many of you have enquired about. I made a decent start on that last year, but as soon as the job came up in January I stopped. I spent a couple of days sorting out my study, going through my notes, etc., so I expect to get back to that, perhaps next week.

Meanwhile, I’m back to collecting my Jobseekers Benefit at the local post office. If you see me floating around there say hello.

The biggest difference being unemployed this time is that my car gives me more mobility. We bought another car earlier this year because gong to and from work was impossible by bus, and I couldn’t continue getting a lift from a friend. So now I’m not stuck indoors when the weather is bad – which it is today – and can get behind the wheel and be independent.

I signed up for Sky Sports just before the Ryder Cup, but haven’t really been watching it a lot, although Man United are playing Arsenal in the morning! I love cricket, but the only live action seems to start at 2-3am at the moment, not much use to me.