It’s the little things that keep a marriage together: the occasional bunch of flowers, YOU paying for a lunch or dinner (well, I am out of work), telling your partner she can have control of the TV because Man United aren’t playing tonight.

Unfortunately, my ability to trip up occasionally (occasionally? I can hear her shriek) means trouble. Trish and I have been together almost 32 years, and you could count our major arguments on the fingers of one hand. Ok, there have been other ‘exchanges’, but that’s the normal cut and thrust of a happy marriage!

Anyway, the other day I went shopping. Being a kind of clueless shopper, we made a short list of what we needed – milk, bread, meat, etc. What could possibly go wrong? Well, as I pushed my trolley around I gathered up all the items she wanted, adding in peanut butter and biscuits. And then I spotted a large packet of Tayto, 12 bags PLUS 6 more FREE!! all for €4.05. I hesitated, weighed up the cost, and, even though Trish and I love them, I put them back. Big mistake. No, no, no, Tom!

As it happens, I was leaving Aldi when Trish texted me to buy some Tayto. Oops! As it happens I was able to call into another local supermarket on the way home, but they had no Tayto. Frantic, I called on two garages but no luck there either. There was nothing for it but to trek home and face the music.

Sheepishly I explained to Trish that I had refused to pay €4.05 for the Tayto. It sounded pretty pathetic – even to me! She didn’t make a meal of it, in fairness, probably helped by the fact that I went out and bought a couple of packets later. But she brought it up again (like an elephant she never forgets!) a couple of times over the next few days.

When she mentioned it again today I waited until she went back to work and drove down and bought that blasted big packet of Tayto. I’m €4.05 poorer but she smiled when she saw them.

I’m back in the good books for today – at least!