The one and only time we went to Paris our son was off on a European post-Leaving Cert holiday with his friends.

I made the mistake of picking the hotel –  right location, but very cramped. We (Trish and our daughter Sarah Jane) spent the week visiting the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral, walking the Champs Elysees several times, paying inflated prices for some meals, and shopping in department stores like Le Grand Lafayette where I knew there was a lovely rooftop cafe.

We spent one magical evening climbing the Eiffel Tower (ok, we took the lift) where we had a meal, then taking a brilliant boat trip on the Seine. What a super week that was. The city was an exciting place to be as our visit coincided with the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Paris. We managed to get properly soaked while watching the parade but laughed it off.

Quite why we never returned beats me. God knows we talked about it often enough. Somehow Trish and I went everywhere but Paris, although Sarah Jane did get there a few years back.

We were talking about Paris last year, and why we should see both it and Rome sometime, when Daire surprised us with two air tickets to Paris AND seats for U2 in the Parc de Prince this Wednesday!

Some of you know what a huge fan of U2 I have been over the years, ever since I first heard ‘I Will Follow’. In fact Daire, myself and U2 have had a troubled past as I wrote in a previous blog so it’s fantastic that we should have a happy ending when we finally see U2 – in Paris of all places.

We fly out tomorrow for a few days and the weather forecast promises to be a lot better than that first trip. Having done all those tourist trips before we’ll be a lot more relaxed this time. I may lose the run of myself when Bono and the lads hit the stage. Who knows, I might even start singing!