Number 4: ‘The Pretender’ by Jackson Browne

I came across a review of Jackson Browne’s album in Rolling Stone magazine and when I stumbled on a real copy of the disc while traveling through the shelves of a record store I decided to take a chance.

On first play it didn’t do a whole lot for me, but I played it again because two songs in particular stood out, the title track and ‘Here Coem Those Tears Again.’ The latter’s songwriting credit is shared with Nancy Farnsworth, the mother of his wife who took her own life a year earlier.

I played ‘The Pretender’ over and over after that, and it started an interest in Jackson Browne that saw me buy other JB albums.

The musicians and singers who helped out on the album are seriously impressive and show the high regard they had for Browne’s music: Graham Nash, JD Southern, Lowell George, Roy Bittan, Bonnie Raitt, Don Henley, Albert Leee and David Crosby among them. The quality certainly showed.

‘The Pretender’ isn’t my favourite Browne album, but it hinted at his greatness and I’m forever greatful for the introduction. His music got me through so pretty rough times.