Number 7: ‘Boy’ by U2

From the opening chords of ‘I Will Follow’ I was hooked. I first heard the song on radio and was thrilled this was a young Irish band called U2. What a song! What a singer! Bono is the man! That driving beat made you want to get up and dance. And rock.

i didn’t know it was U2’s second single, but it didn’t matter –  I WANTED TO HEAR MORE.

And more I got. I picked up a copy of the album ‘Boy’ straight and excitedly lifted the record needle on to track one on side one – and there it was, ‘I Will Follow’.

I have the album playing away on Spotify as I write this and there was a youthful energy and promise about them.  The tracks that followed hinted at a great band in the making. Another one of my favourite tracks was ‘Twilight’ which followed ‘I Will Follow.’ These got played to death.

I also loved ‘Out of Control’ which again had me dancing in the dining room. ‘Boy’ had its weaknesses, and U2 were far from the polished act they later became, but there was enough on the album to suggest U2 could be the real deal. I bought most of their albums and later, when they were issued on CDs, I bought them again.

Surprisingly, I didn’t buy their next two albums when they came out. I had other musical interests then. But I got back into them then and bought the albums I had missed out on.

I never saw them live during the 1980s or 1990s because I went to few concerts in those days. I did get to see them finally in 2017 in Paris of all places thanks to our son Daire. It was part of U2’s The Joshua Tree tour.  No prizes for guessing one of the songs they played – ‘I Will Follow’!

Finally, happy 60th birthday to Bono who hits the magic mark tomorrow. A much maligned man but a great human being.