I had a different kind of day planned out. Well, not exactly planned in its entirety, but I had some notions on how I would pass the day.

My routine is to get up, read my digital newspapers, scan Twitter for the usual baloney, see is anyone alive on Facebook. The usual. But today didn’t quite work out that way. I had my usual quick glance at Twitter, but having had breakfast I needed to make a quick dash to the village – well within my 4km Covid-19 limit – because I had foolishly lost my debit card and the replacement arrived (a couple of hours after reporting it lost and asking for a replacement Trish discovered it under the car seat.)

I never did get around to reading those newspapers, but to compensate my debit card is now working. As it happened I also ran into one of my local book club members in the village, so the opportunity of a quick exchange of news was welcome. I also managed to fit in 30-minute WhatsApp call to my sister.

A friend was looking for some help – ok, I volunteered – and once I started on that my afternoon flew away. Apart from one small interlude when my brother John returned my lawnmower, reminding me that the back garden needed a trim. You’ll be glad to know I cut the grass, raked it afterwards, and quickly relaxed with a cup of coffee with Trish.

Back to genealogy research for another hour or so, then it was time for dinner with Trish, time for the TV news. I still haven’t mastered the darks arts of cooking, so once our meal was over I tidied up (that means putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.)

I didn’t fit in a walk today but did manage some exercise in the garden so surely that counts as a plus. You have to be kind to yourself at times. Which is why I’ll be heading to Lidl tomorrow to buy some of their gorgeous chocolate. Well, a man’s gotta live.

As I write this I haven’t a clue what’s on TV, but there’s an episode of The Good Karma Hospital on the recorder awaiting our attention. I’m also in the middle of a book on the Cold War. Quite good actually.

I might get around to the papers at some stage but it’s almost tomorrow now. You’ll be glad to know I have no plans for tomorrow, but I’m sure something will turn up to keep me busy.