Cutting response to plea for help

My friend hadn’t had her hair cut in four years. Yes, FOUR years. She had been afraid to go out publicly, other than to work because of a facial disfigurement she acquired which depressed her. Those years had been a living hell, made all the more difficult because she is middle aged and so uncomfortable with her face. Her friends have largely deserted her, failing … Continue reading Cutting response to plea for help

Why did I bother getting up?

I hope you had a better morning than I did. I’ve been nursing a cold and chest infection for the past few days, but today I planned to do something about it – like see a doctor! Miraculously, Trish was able to secure me an appointment at 10am, so off I went, and I parked the car close to the doctor’s surgery. Chest infection confirmed … Continue reading Why did I bother getting up?

We all need the company of friends

One big drawback of being unemployed last year was not having my own transport. It meant I was dependent on the bus to meet people, especially as I live in Ballincollig, seven miles from Cork city. Social media is great for maintaining contact with people, and of course you can email or ring people too, but there’s no substitute for talking to people face to … Continue reading We all need the company of friends

Sometimes there are no words

She was young and pretty and so much in love. Fresh from her honeymoon she had so much to look forward to – many years of happiness together with her husband, lots of holidays, perhaps children in time. The kinds of expectations many married women have. Weeks after returning from her honeymoon she became ill. The prognosis was not good, but she fought hard for … Continue reading Sometimes there are no words